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Most immersive gaming rigs are bulky, look unsightly, and take up too much space. GameBox is the gaming simulator rig that transforms into a coffee table. Super-easy to set up and unfold, it has all of the features, and it's ready to connect to the peripherals you need for an amazing gaming session. 

It’s game over on ugly design and poor gaming experiences.

    color: Dark Wood

    GameBox in Motion

    You Need GameBox | The Transforming Sim Rig

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    Sim Gaming in a Limited Space

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    Take to the skies, hit the road, and explore the beyond.

    Team Wheels, Team Wings, or anything in between - Gamebox is ready to serve as your platform for total gaming immersion, then transform back into a coffee table just in time for the family getting home.

    One fluid motion to open and close the rig. Lift to reveal your rig, and lower to hide it away.

    Install your peripherals once, and next time you unfold your game box it'll be ready to go.

    GameBox is built to last, no matter what you throw at it. It's water resistant exterior shell make it hold up for years as a standard piece of furniture. The seamless design and StarBoard components keep your office supplies safe from harm, well past when you'll be looking to upgrade them.

    Our ergonomic designed chair, telescoping desk, and 3 way adjusting foot platform brings control to you - so discomfort won't be limiting your ability to get lost in a virtual world.

    Style points come standard with the GameBox. The striking finish options allow it to blend in to any living space, while standing out in just the right way. Those other sim rigs you've been drooling over can't compete with that.

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    Dimensions: 49 x 31.5 x 19.5 inches

    Weight: 120lbs


    • White Birch Wood

    • Composite Soft Grain Wooden Shell

    • Aluminum Hardware

    • StarBoard Components

    Weight Limit: 275lbs

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