The workspace that works for your space.

Boxcave's GameBox
Boxcave's GameBox closed into a coffee table.

Life is about more
than working.

So why let work invade where you live?

If you work from home, then you know the challenge of finding that perfect work-life balance.

Many of us were sent to work from home, with all of our equipment and nowhere to put it. Unless you had an empty room to work from, it’s hard to find space for everything.

We have the solution

We put your office... inside a sleek, modern coffee table.

Boxcave's OfficeBox being used as a desk
Boxcave's OfficeBox blending into a family living room

The revolutionary design lets you unfold your desk in seconds

Then hide it away
when you clock out.

Productivity & Balance

From the C-Suite to reception.
OfficeBox supports your work no matter your height or position.

Executive Seating

Ergonomically designed by a pilot used to spending hours in the cockpit, OfficeBox is designed for superior lumbar support. When you have to sit and work, do it in comfort.

Control Center

The desk surface slides to you, putting control perfectly within reach. The integrated cable management keeps wires out of your way, and out of sight.

Fully supported

The foot platform has two-way adjustment, so you can stretch your legs no matter your height.

Integrated Storage.

Whatever doesn't remain mounted when folding can be safely stored in the integrated storage cabinet.

Your supplies belong inside.

Tame the endless cords

Centralize your work related items, and keep them all safe from harm. OfficeBox keeps it all contained in a water sealed, stylish container - that's just out of sight. Don't fret over losing a document if your children want to color, and get the office out of sight when it's time to unwind.

Use it with your...
  • Laptop
  • Monitors
  • Keyboards
  • & Contain your files or folders

See OfficeBox in motion.

Meet OfficeBox

The Office in a Box

Meet the CEO of comfort & productivity.

OfficeBox is the brainchild of former Black Hawk and current commercial pilot Adrian Manuel. As founder of BoxCave, Adrian wanted to create a durable yet comfortable desk setup anyone could use without compromising on space. OfficeBox was born. OfficeBox is the functional desk you've always wanted. After five years in development and prototype manufacturing, Adrian's ready to share his vision with the world.

- The Cave Dweller
Adrian Manuel, founder of Boxcave furniture, standing in front of a Black Hawk Helicopter

Win at working from home.

You shouldn't have to compromise your home with a space to work.

If you're like most of us, you don't have the space for a dedicated office that's out of sight. Or if you do, you've had to give up a guest bedroom, or the kid's play room. OfficeBox fits seamlessly in any space, replacing standard furniture to maximize the functionality and beauty of your home.

Dedicated Desk

  • Requires a dedicated room, or space in a common area
  • Leaves unsightly cords hanging
  • Doesn't protect your supplies & equipment
  • Frustrating assembly process

Dining Room/Coffee Tables

  • Aren't optimal for working on
  • Leaves your work staring at you
  • Lacks storage that desks provide
  • Ends up cluttered

Boxcave's OfficeBox

  • Contains a seat & adjustable work surface
  • Built-in cable routing
  • Folds into a stunning coffee table
  • Comes fully-assembled

Decadent Design.

A workspace that spoils you on & off the clock.

Desks can be costly, require assembly, and you'll be lucky if they last as long as the computer they hold. In order to provide the highest-quality manufacturing, Boxcave Furniture partnered with the Mennonite Community to produce heirloom quality units using premium materials, right here in The United States. Mennonite craftsmanship is world-renowned, as their craftsmen aren't just made, they're born into a legacy of quality. Our manufacturing partners produce the highest-quality pieces using multigenerational skills and expertise.

Heirloom Quality
Durability comes first, down the the bolts we choose: OfficeBox is built to last for generations
Seamless design provides spill proof protection for your stored equipment
Premium Materials
Prime wood construction & exceptional aluminum hardware
StarBoard components: a material used in high end yachts, its low friction & stain resistance make it ideal for moving pieces and work surfaces

No assembly required
Remember when you bought something and didn't also have to finish putting it together? We do. We handle the assembly, so your OfficeBox arrives ready to go.
Time to
setup & work

Made in the USA
Veteran designed, owned & operated.
Manufactured in Mobile, AL

Putting the flexible back in flex work.

Once the workday is done, just fold OfficeBox up and get on with the day.

Reclaim your space: OfficeBox transforms back into a coffee table, just in time for family movie night.

Think inside the box.

From office hours to family time.

It’s a gaming rig

BoxCave's GameBox being used in front of a TV

It’s a work surface

BoxCave's OfficeBox being used as a computer desk

It’s a coffee table

BoxCave's Gamebox blending into a family living room.

It’s the coolest piece of decor you’ll own.

Send your old desk to the outbox.

To get an equivalent quality desk & coffee table would cost twice as much, and take up twice the space. If you want to upgrade your room and gain an office at the same time, you need OfficeBox.

Available in 5 stunning colors.

Dark Wood