The gaming rig you deserve,
designed for the space you have.

Boxcave's GameBox
Boxcave's GameBox closed into a coffee table.

They say big things,
come in small packages.


We're gamers. We know the thrill a simulator rig brings.
The best experience requires the deepest immersion.
The deeper the immersion, the bigger the rig.

If you're in a small space like an apartment, condo, or dorm,
it’s hard to find space for everything.


We put a sim gaming platform... inside a sleek, modern coffee table.

Boxcave's GameBox being used as a VR Racing Rig
Boxcave's OfficeBox blending into a family living room

The revolutionary design lets you unfold your rig in seconds

Then hide it away
when not in use.

Experience Immersion

GameBox is rated
E for Everyone

Built with a focus on adjustability & comfort to keep your stamina high.

The Cockpit

Ergonomically designed by a pilot who’s spent years in the cockpit. GameBox is optimized for maximum comfort, and superior lumbar support.

Control Center

The desk surface slides to you, putting control perfectly within reach. You can game for hours without discomfort, or the need to purchase additional support accessories.

Pedal to the metal

Two-way slide and tilt adjustments work with every combination of height & peripheral. Ideal if you need a platform for racing pedals, or just need the perfect spot to rest your feet.

Integrated Storage.

Whatever doesn't remain mounted when folding can be safely stored in the integrated storage cabinet.

Your gear belongs here.

Tame the endless cords, centralize your peripherals, and keep them all safe from harm. GameBox keeps it all contained in a water tight, stylish container that's just out of sight.

Use it with your existing...
  • VR goggles
  • Monitors
  • Racing wheels
  • Racing pedals
  • H.O.T.A.S.
  • Compatible with most peripherals on the market.

See GameBox in action.

You Need GameBox

OfficeBox Promo

Black Hawk Pilot designed for the ultimate gaming experience.

GameBox is the creation of former Army Black Hawk Pilot, current commercial airline pilot, and lifelong sim gamer: Adrian Manuel. Adrian has tried almost every sim gaming setup, dating back to when sim rigs were multimillion dollar pieces of equipment exclusive to the military. As a family man, he was unable to justify the space needed for a true immersive gaming experience. So he set out to create an all in one solution for not only himself, but gamers everywhere! Drawing from his pilot experience, he built GameBox to be durable, comfortable, and most importantly: uncompromisingly functional. After five years of development and numerous prototypes, Adrian is ready to share his vision with the world.

- The Cave Dweller
Adrian Manuel, founder of Boxcave furniture, flying a Black Hawk Helicopter

We 1Up the competition.

You shouldn't have to decide between a sim rig and a functional living area.

If you're like most of us, you don't have the space for a dedicated gaming room that's out of sight. Let us help you meet your housemates in the middle - while delivering an uncompromising platform for immersive gaming, that turns into a beautiful hand made coffee table.

Traditional Sim Rigs

  • Limited design options
  • Takes up floor space
  • Make a cheap materials
  • Annoying assembly process
  • Sticks out like a sore thumb

Boxcave's GameBox

  • Variety of color options
  • Folds away when not in use
  • Handmade from premium materials
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Enhances your room's design

Next Level Design.

Ready to prove they can make it like they used to.

Gaming setups are costly, require assembly, and you'll be lucky if they last as long as the console that you're using them with. In order to provide the highest-quality manufacturing, Boxcave Furniture partnered with the Mennonite Community to produce heirloom quality units using premium materials, right here in The United States. Mennonite craftsmanship is world-renowned, as their craftsmen aren't just made, they're born into a legacy of quality. Our manufacturing partners produce the highest-quality pieces using multigenerational skills and expertise.

Heirloom Quality
Durability comes first, down the the bolts we choose: GameBox is built to last for generations
Seamless design provides spill proof protection for your stored gear
Premium Materials
Prime wood construction & exceptional aluminum hardware
StarBoard components: a material used in high end yachts, its low friction & stain resistance make it ideal for moving pieces and work surfaces

No assembly required
Remember when you bought something and didn't also have to finish putting it together? We do. We handle the assembly, so your GameBox arrives ready to go.
Time to
setup & game

Made in the USA
Veteran designed, owned & operated.
Manufactured in Mobile, AL

Power Down Fold Up.

Once your gaming session is over, return to the “real” world in seconds.

Reclaim your space: GameBox transforms back into a coffee table, just in time for family movie night.

Your dream rig, only better.

GameBox is multi-purpose.

It’s a gaming rig

BoxCave's GameBox being used in front of a TV

It’s a work surface

BoxCave's OfficeBox being used as a computer desk

It’s a coffee table

BoxCave's Gamebox blending into a family living room.

It’s the coolest piece of decor you’ll own.

Ready for Take Off

Kick the tires & light the fires

Whether you're team wheels, team wings, or you just need a space but it's in short supply - Gamebox is something the whole family will love. Stop compromising the beauty and function of your home, order your GameBox today.

Available in 5 stunning colors.

Dark Wood