BoxCave Furniture's Mission

We are the world leader in multi-functional, integrated furniture: creating racing/flight simulator rigs and dedicated workstations that transform into compact, beautiful furniture pieces.

Maximizing space for the masses

They say the average household lives in a 3-bedroom house. How many of us choose to make that space bedroom an office, or gameroom? If the average house has three bedrooms, then millions of homes have even less space to dedicate to hobbies or work. That's the problem we solve.

For Gamers

Sim Gamers want an immersive experience, but the sim rigs that experience requires consume precious floor space. These rigs typically don’t have adequate storage or the means to protect your expensive peripherals - which means your gear is out in the open for the whole household to see. Pets and housemates risk damaging your gear, or simply don't want to see a bundle of wires and buttons when company comes over.
GameBox is the solution.

Remote Workers

Many employees were sent home to work due to the pandemic without the ability to set up the ideal, dedicated office space they were leaving behind. Many ended up trying to use kitchen tables, couches or beds as their 'office space', sometimes competing with spouses and children over common areas. Reports indicate this has lead to increased stress due to poor physical posture, added clutter, and lack of storage. When work invades your living room, it's hard to put out of your mind after it's time to get back to "Living" in your home.
OfficeBox solves work from home compromises.

Meet the Cave Dweller

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Created in 2021, BoxCave was founded by former Black Hawk helicopter pilot Adrian Manuel.

Now a commercial pilot for a major airline, Adrian loves playing immersive simulator games. When he's not soaring the actual skies, you'll find him piloting a 747 or driving an F1 car in the comfort of his living room. He understands how much space a dedicated rig and equipment require for a world-class gaming experience.

Adrian Manuel of BoxCave Furniture flying his daughter in a helicopter.

Necessity is the mother of all invention

The prototype GameBox

Adrian used to have a huge gaming rig, until his mother-in-law needed to move in due to health issues. He lost his game cave, and couldn't set up his sim rig anywhere else in the house. But he still craved that realistic, immersive gaming experience. He realized there had to be a way to recreate a realistic, immersive gaming experience on a smaller scale.

The answer?

Taking flight

Years of prototypes and development followed as Adrian attempted integrated racing and flight simulator solutions and work desks into compact, portable, beautiful furniture. Now with our launch, BoxCave is ready to fly into homes worldwide. He spent the next 3-4 years developing ideas, and building prototypes until he finally came up with the BoxCave design that you see in today. He formed BoxCave Furniture, Inc. in Feb. 2021.

BoxCave Furniture's GameBox Prototype
GameBox by BoxCave Furniture in use in a living room.

Come aboard

We're transforming the way you work and play at home with BoxCave.